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Vendors & Visitors Facts 2019


Vendor comments and suggestions are very helpful as we plan for growth.  Our relationship with vendors is positive, transparent and a win/win as we strive to be an iconic F&B pop-up extravaganza that makes a lasting impression in the minds and bodies of all foodies.  Please review Visitor expectations below as you plan your site.  We ask vendors to evolve with us over time and to align with our values:

Professional | Integrity | Fun | Connected | Engaged | Healthy | Hygienic


met or exceeded turnover target


achieved turnover $1,000-$5,000


sold out or nearly sold out


had Eftpos


rated experience as excellent or above average


say communication is very good


will be a vendor again and 91% will recommend to others


rated layout as very good


rated our waste effort as very good


67%   Market & promote   

50%   Attended in past

38%   Attractive location   

37%   Affordable site fee   

27%   Liked sound of Fair   

21%   Perfect timing   

20%   Recommended   

16%   Experience new Fair   

16%   Commercial vendor   

14%   Friends & family near by 

  7%   Supporting local 


60%   Attended in past 

34%   Social media 

21%   Family & friends 

15%   Billboards 

13%   Email 

13%   Local street signs 

  9%   Vendor referral 

  9%   Eventfinda 

  6%   Website & Google 

  5%   Newspaper 

  5%   Radio advertising 

  5%   Word of mouth
  5%   Flyers & posters



Visitor suggestions align with our Mission, to be a fun and tasty day out for all foodies that fills your life with good friends, good times and good food.  99% of visitors had an amazing or good experience. They tell us they want to attend a destination event where they can try, buy, eat, drink and relax.

Visitors expectations are clear: they have a budget, want to try a variety of foods, consume small plates at a lower cost, healthy options including vegetarian, vegan, GF, DF, Keto and sugar free and talk with and buy from many producers.  Vendor positioning and aisle size are also important as Visitors explore the packaged and other F&B items that generally make-up around 60% of the sites at the Fair.  Vendor sites need to be attractive and engaging for visitors.  Critically, visitors love sampling before they buy.

65%  of visitors did not bring kids

13% came with kids <5 years and 22% came with kids 5-16 years

92% were happy with the selection of vendors | 81% will buy products tried at the Fair

73% said they will visit next year | 92% will recommend to others

28% were 26-46 years | 39% were 41-55 years | 21% were 56-70 years

87% were women and 73% spent up to or over $200


84%   Social media 

30%   Local street signs 

26%   Friends & family 

20%   Word of mouth

14%   Billboards 

13%   Newspaper 

  8%   Radio 

  8%   Been before 

  6%   Eventfinda 

  4%   Website & Google

  4%   Posters & flyers


KFF 2019

KFF 2019

KFF 2019
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