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VENDOR REGISTRATION: We are OPEN for registration.  There is no refund to any vendor withdrawing from the Fair or any extraordinary weather event making the Fair impossible to run.  The Fair can operate in Covid Red, Orange or Green Traffic Light of the NZ Protection Framework.  If we had to postpone and reschedule due to Covid, we would transfer your site fee to the 2023 Fair on Saturday 2 December 2023 or refund 75% of your site fee.
Our strong plea to all visitors, vendors, entertainers, crew and volunteers, is to get fully vaccinated and boosted to protect you, your whānau and your community, ka pai.

Once your booking is submitted online, the Kāpiti Food Fair will confirm all Vendor bookings and email an invoice that needs to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.  The Fair will also email each Vendor a Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) Stallholder Application for hygiene requirements at the Fair - there is no fee for this application.  In addition, a Special Liquor Licence Application for tastings and off-licence sales will be sent to Liquor Vendors - this will cost approximately $63 and is paid to KCDC.  These Applications need to be sent promptly to KCDC so we know our values of being a Professional, Healthy and Hygienic event are top of mind for all Vendors attending the Fair.

Notes for Ready to Eat vendors

When completing the booking form, Ready to Eat means, food to be consumed on the day while at the Fair either from food trucks or Vendors operating under gazebo.  Please create a menu with small serves that are ideally priced between $2 to $10 - free samples are encouraged so visitors can spread their taste sensations broadly within their budget.  If you have any special requests about your site eg facing away from the morning sun, next to another Vendor, corner site etc, please state in the Site Description field.  We have limited on-site power so requests will be considered yet not all will be approved.  We charge an additional $15 per item needing to be powered.  If you need power, please list the appliances that need connecting.  Appliances must be domestic grade, be tested & tagged and be able to operate off a 10 AMP or 15 AMP connection.  The Fair contracts an on-site electrician (Brien Electrical) to plan and set-up the power grid.  Food trucks need to operate independently off their own on-board QUIET generator.

FOOD TRUCKERS, PLEASE NOTE: For SINGLE sites we will measure 5m and DOUBLE sites we will measure 8m - please use this as a guide when choosing your site size and remember to include drawbars and door openings.  For example, if you are a 4m trailer plus a drawbar you will likely fit on a single site.  If your drawbar can be removed once in position, that's even better.  If anything is unclear on your booking, we will phone you. :)

For vendor enquiries contact: Helene Judge | 027 244 9585 or view vendor information here >>

The Fair reserves the right to use any image captured by our official photographer for promotional purposes in any media, in perpetuity without compensation, unless not consented.

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This information is gathered for the sole purpose of Kāpiti Food Fair and will not be provided or sold to any other entity. By providing us with your email, you agree to email communications from the organisers about the event. You can opt out of these if you wish.

From time to time you may receive updates from the Kāpiti Food Fair. You will be able to opt out of these emails at anytime.


Tell us briefly what you will provide on your site.


Please select one, incl GST & Levy for waste, licencing, health & safety management):


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Please tell us what items need power.


Please select all that are relevant – ideal pricing $10 max providing small portions & samples for visitors.

Online Payment

Once you have registered your Vendor site, an invoice will be sent for your site fee. Please Ref business name & Inv No, ka pai.


I/We have read and understood the Vendor Information for the Kapiti Food Fair and will make payment of our Site Fee within 14 days of the invoice date. I/We will complete the Food Stallholder Application (and if needed, a Special Liquor Licence Application) required by Kapiti Coast District Council. There is no refund to any Vendor withdrawing from the Fair or any extraordinary weather event making the Fair impossible to run. If you are a Ready to Eat Vendor, you must use compostable packaging. If you have any questions about the Fair, please contact Helene Judge, Mb 027 244 9585,


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