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Vendor Information

  1. Kāpiti Food Fair is owned & operated in partnership by Helene Judge and Jeanine van Kradenburg.
  2. Vendors can be individuals, community/sports groups or commercial businesses.
  3. Vendor registrations open April 2022 with maximum 250 sites available. The cut-off date to register a site is at 5pm on Monday 3 October 2022.
  4. Sites are Single 3m x 3m or Double 6m x 3m and all fees include GST and a variable Levy to cover waste licencing and health & safety. Any power supplied is an additional charge to the Vendor.
  5. Types of Sites: Single Packaged $155 + $15 = $170; Double Packaged $310 + $15 = $325; Single Ready to Eat $155 + $35 = $190; Double Ready to Eat $310 + $35 = $345.  All site fees include GST.
  6. All sites will be located outdoors at the Mazengarb Reserve, review last year’s Site Map >>
  7. Ready to Eat Vendors must keep their portions small and ideally price within the range of $2 to $10 maximum so visitors can try a variety of offerings and samples are encouraged.
  8. Included in each site fee is removal of three standard bags of separated waste including compostable items, recycling (paper, cans, plastics 1, 2 and 5 only) and landfill – glass can be left in the bins provided or taken home by the Vendor to recycle/reuse. If a Vendor generates more rubbish, it is their responsibility to remove that rubbish from their site at the end of the Fair.  There will be waste station sites for public rubbish with the Fair working closely with Organic Wealth and volunteers to achieve 80%+ of waste being diverted from landfill.  Ready to Eat Vendors will be rung by Organic Wealth as we lead-up to the Fair to confirm use of compostable products at the Fair.
  9. Each site is designed for Vendors to set-up their own gazebo and provide their own tables, chairs, displays etc. As a general rule there will be no electricity available for any Vendor.  If electricity is critical the Vendor should contact the Event Organiser to discuss their requirements.  There will be an additional charge of $15 incl GST per item powered – 10 AMPs is available or a few 15 AMP plugs.  Vendors plugging to power need to bring their own 20-30m external power cord and multi-box with trip switch.  All appliances need to be domestic capacity and be tested & tagged.
  10. It is the responsibility of each Vendor to provide the necessary equipment for their site, and to decorate their site to be attractive for visitors. Please bring your own gazebo, signage, tables & chairs, display units, heavy weights and/or pegs for each corner of your gazebo in case of high winds, rain or sunshine.
  11. Sites must be set-up between 6.15am to 9.30am and removed between 4pm to 6pm on the day of the Fair. Contact the Event Organiser if you need to set-up earlier as this can be arranged.
  12. All Vendors are responsible for all cash handled at their site during the event. The Event Organiser will coordinate a cash-out ATM for visitors during the Fair run by Kapiti Rotary.  Vendors are encouraged to have mobile Eftpos and are asked to come prepared with a cash float as change is not available at the cash-out ATM operated by Kāpiti Rotary.
  13. piti Coast District Council (KCDC) requires all food stall operators to obtain a Food Stall Health Certificate (there are some exemptions). Please apply to KCDC using their Food Stallholder Application, download here >>   There is no cost for this application, more a formality to satisfy environment health regulations handled by our local Council.  There are some exemptions, go to KCDC website to review >>
  14. If you require a Special Liquor Licence then it is the responsibility of the Vendor to apply to KCDC to obtain the necessary Off-licence to attend the Fair. All applications must be submitted at least 20 working days before the Fair, download here >>  There is a small charge of approximately $63 for an Off-licence application where you are permitted to provide free samples and sales are removed off-site for consumption at another time.  Your site will be positioned in the ‘Liquor Zone’.  Go to KCDC website for more info >>
  15. All Vendors selling food at the Fair must take all necessary precautions to keep food safe, especially to reduce food contamination and help prevent food poisoning. This involves wearing hats, gloves, washing hands, storing food at right temperature & off the ground, covering food once cooked etc.  Ready to Eat food sites at the Fair may be subject to inspection by KCDC Environmental Health staff.  The Event Organiser will liaise with KCDC to confirm Vendors as they register.
  16. Vendors will take all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment and to ensure their own and safety of others’. The Event Organiser will not be responsible for any injury incurred to Vendors or any other person as a consequence of Vendor activities.  All hazards identified by any Vendor at the Fair must be reported to the Event Organiser so that appropriate and prompt action can be taken.  Any acts or omissions by the Vendor, which endanger the health and safety of any person/s, may result in removal from the Fair.
  17. Local Police & the New Zealand Fire Service will be advised of the Fair and there will be on-site paramedics in the event of a medical emergency.
  18. There is no refund to any Vendor withdrawing from the Fair or any extraordinary weather event making the Fair impossible to run.
  19. Visitors to the Fair will pay an EARLY BIRD entry fee of $10/adult with kids under 16 being FREE, $5 for Gold Card & Student ID and gold coin parking. The Fair donates to the Kāpiti Rotary Charitable Trust, No 49 Squadron Air Cadets, Kāpiti Hockey Club and Work Ready Kāpiti for their services.
  20. The Fair reserves the right to use any image captured by our official photographer for promotional purposes in any media, in perpetuity without compensation, unless not consented.

Event Organiser

Helene Judge
5 Olive Terrace
Paraparaumu Beach 5032

Tel: 027 244 9585


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