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Vendors & Visitors Facts 2022

The Fair reserves the right to use any image captured by our official photographer for promotional purposes in any media, in perpetuity without compensation, unless not consented.


Vendors are asked to review the Visitor facts and align with our Values:

Professional | Integrity | Fun | Connected | Engaged | Healthy | Hygienic


met or exceeded turnover target with 49% $1K to $3K and 12% exceeding $3K


had an Eftpos terminal


rated experience excellent or above average


say communication very good


rated our marketing efforts very good


rated layout very good


 applauded our waste effort as very good


will attend again with an excellent Net Promoter Score of 52


stayed in Kāpiti, 64% with friends or family and 36% paying for 1-3 nights


70%   Market & promote   

53%   Attended in past

41%   Attractive location   

35%   Affordable site fee   

31%   Experience new Fair

20%   Liked sound of Fair   

22%   Commercial vendor   

20%   Liked sound of Fair   

20%   Perfect timing   

18%   Recommended   

  8%   Friends & family near by 



64%   Social media

27%   Friends & family 

21%   Word of mouth 

19%   Email campaigns 

19%   Billboards & signs 

15%   Website, Eventfinda, Google, Humanitx 

 11%   Vendor referral 

  9%   Flyers & posters 

  6%   Newspaper
  6%   Radio



Visitor feedback aligns with our Mission, to be a fun, indulgent & tasty day out for all foodies that fills your life with GOOD friends, GOOD times and GOOD food.  They want to attend a destination event to try, buy, eat, drink, relax and to be entertained.  Vendor positioning and interaction is paramount as visitors explore the Fair meaning vendors sites need to be attractive and engaging.

Visitors are clear they want to spread their budget to try a variety of different tastes and to shop for packaged items to take home or to give away as gifts.  They want more vendors interacting with samples, small plates of ready to eat foods, lower top-level pricing and more food options including vegetarian, vegan, GF, DF, keto and sugar free.  The Fair curates the Site Map with the aim of achieving 60% packaged sites that includes a Liquor Zone and 40% of  delicious ready to eat food offerings.

99%  had an amazing or good experience

67%  did not bring kids younger than 5 to 16 years

62%  of visitors were from Kāpiti and 38% from all around the motu

91%  happy with selection of ready to eat and packaged vendors with high brand recall

80%  will visit next year with an excellent 55 Net Promoter Score

27%  were 26-40 years, 38% were 41-55 years and 22% were 56-70 years

80%  were women bringing their tribe, spending $122.72 on average per person 

18%  of visitors stayed in Kāpiti for 2 nights


79%   Social media 

30%   Billboards & signs 

29%   Friends & family 

24%   Word of mouth

16%   Website, Eventfinda, Google, Humanitix

13%   Email 

12%   Newspaper 

11%   Been before

10%   Posters & flyers

  6%   Radio



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Event Organiser

Helene Judge
5 Olive Terrace
Paraparaumu Beach 5032

Tel: 027 244 9585

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